Welcome to Shone Grown Products

Sonoma County is a renowned agricultural area and home of many artisan food producers. The combination of climate, volcanic and riparian soils, and the consciousness of local growers produces some of the best wines, fruits, and vegetables found anywhere.

Shone Farm offers students the opportunity to learn all aspects of small-scale commercial farming, from planning, planting, producing and harvesting crops to raising and selling meat animals and developing premium value-added products. In the Sustainable Agriculture Program, students gain hands-on experience in both the small business and technical skills needed to develop and manage a profitable, environmentally sound and community-based farm or agricultural business. Students in the Animal Science Program tend pasture-based sheep, cattle, and other animals for meat production. Some students are involved in “enterprise projects,” a joint venture between the farm and students who wish to tend a small plot of specialty crops or raise farm animals for sale.

Shone Grown™ products are sold to the SRJC’s Culinary Café, and direct-marketed through farm stands both on and off campus, notable area restaurants and markets, and the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.


Shone Farm's CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

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Grass Fed Beef

We are happy to announce our first 2015 offering of Shone Farm Premium Grass Fed Beef. The cuts are limited and we are offering them on a first come, first served basis. Click here for details. Then submit your order by e-mail or fax. For more information, e-mail shonefarm@santarosa.edu or call (707) 535-3712.

NEW Value-Added Products

In addition to Shone Farm wine, fresh produce, and meat, students and staff are working on new agricultural products to take to market. Currently, we offer Shone Grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Shone Grown Organic Beef Jerky. Look for announcements on our developing line of Shone Grown™ items.